Contact Lenses By Type

Contact Lenses By Type


Soft contact lenses are frequently worn as they are comfortable to wear, tend to stay in place due to the soft flexibility of the plastic and are available in a variety of convenient choices. Soft lenses are composed of a combination of water and soft plastic including silicone-hydrogels which allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea.

Soft contact lenses for all types of vision issues – from mild to severe:

Daily disposables are single-use: We recommend Aqua Comfort Plus, Dailies Total One, One Day Acuvue Moist and more…

Extended wear: Available as weekly and monthly disposables, we carry many of the most popular brands. Come see for yourself!

Our contact lens specialists will help you determine which soft contact lens works best for you.


RGP lenses are the right choice for many patients. RGP contacts are extremely durable, provide crystal clear vision and can be less expensive than soft contact lenses in the long term. RGP lenses might be the best option for your unique vision needs. DiNapoli carries all designs and materials available.


Hybrid contact lenses combine the comfort and convenience of soft contact lenses with the keen optics of the rigid gas permeable lens. The technology of the hybrid lens features a gas permeable hard lens center with a soft gel “skirt”. Fitting this specialty lens design requires the exceptional skills and experience found at DiNapoli Opticians. Hybrid lenses might be the right solution for your unique vision condition such as Keratoconus or other irregular corneal conditions.

Discuss the pros and cons of hybrid contact lenses like Synergeyes® with a DiNapoli optician and make the very best choice for you!

Michael DiNapoli, owner of DiNapoli Opticians, has been honored by the New York State Society of Opticians as the Contact Lens Specialist of the Year in the State of New York!

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