Scleral Lenses

Scleral Lenses

Hundreds of patients who have been told that they cannot wear contact lenses due to a corneal condition have been successfully fitted with scleral lenses by optician and owner, Mike DiNapoli. Scleral lenses are specifically designed for therapeutic corneal conditions such as keratoconus, irregular corneas, corneal ectasia, and certain post-operative conditions.

Scleral contacts are large-diameter lenses that essentially replace the front surface of the cornea with a perfectly formed optical covering that corrects corneal irregularities. The special design of the scleral lens also treats severe dry eye, thus allowing for the wearer to comfortably tolerate the contact lens.

Mike DiNapoli is the region’s leading practitioner when it comes to designing and fitting specialty contact lenses. A recognized expert in fitting Scleral lenses, Mike has successfully treated over 600 patients suffering from corneal conditions Over the past forty years, Mike has fitted thousands of patients with “hard-to-fit” prescriptions experience improved vision and enjoy a new lease on life.

At DiNapoli Opticians you will be fitted with cutting edge technology from the best lens manufacturers in the industry such as Acculens Maxim, Bausch, and Lomb ZenLens.

If you have been told that you cannot wear contact lenses – look no further! Contact DiNapoli today to schedule a contact lens fitting appointment.

For additional contact lens facts check out the American Optometric Association.

Michael DiNapoli, owner of DiNapoli Opticians, has been honored by the New York State Society of Opticians as the Contact Lens Specialist of the Year in the State of New York!

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