The Importance of a Yearly Eye Exam

Your vision is one of your five senses responsible for allowing you to enjoy the world around you and create unforgettable memories. We may be biased, but we think vision is the greatest of the five senses! The only way to guarantee you will see your best year after year is by scheduling a comprehensive eye exam today!

Why are yearly eye exams important? Here are our top three reasons: 

  • Eye exams & clear vision help increase success at school, work, and more.
  • Exams can catch asymptomatic conditions before vision loss occurs.
  • Eye exams can provide insight into other health-related issues. 

A Clear Vision to Success

According to experts, 80% of the information presented in school is visual! Based on this statistic, you can see clear vision is essential to a child’s success in the classroom. Help your children feel prepared during their school year by scheduling a yearly eye exam. 

Vision Screenings Vs. An Exam

Schools commonly provide vision screenings to help detect vision problems in younger children. However, a vision screening is not a replacement for a yearly comprehensive eye exam. Screening tests cannot diagnose the problem. These tests cannot detect any health concerns we may find during a standard eye exam but only flag that a comprehensive eye exam is needed.   

Improving Your Visual Comfort 

Yearly exams aren’t just essential for your child’s success, but your own as well! In addition to the health insights, we will mention below, a yearly eye exam allows you to improve your vision comfort at home and at work! According to recent studies, daily screen time use is set to surpass 8 hours! With almost a third of your day on a digital device, a pair of blue light-blocking lenses may be the perfect addition to your attire. 

Reducing Your Risk of Eye Disease

As you age, you develop a higher risk for many medical eye diseases. Some eye-related conditions can appear with no symptoms, affecting your long-term vision health. Specifically, many people who develop glaucoma often don’t show symptoms at first. Individuals suffering from glaucoma usually develop irreversible vision loss before they have learned that something is wrong. A routine exam can detect signs like high eye pressure and other early signals before any serious damage to your vision occurs.

Detecting Issues During Your Annual Eye Exam

An annual comprehensive eye exam can detect changes in your body that may result in other health-related issues. For example, your eyes can tell us if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or even cancer. During your eye exam, our doctors will evaluate many aspects of your eye health, including the blood vessels in your retina, which are predictors of the health of blood vessels throughout your entire body. 

Reduce your risk for diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and other health conditions by scheduling your exam today. Questions? Contact our office via phone or search our website for more information. 

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